The alternative to AC Transit service changes

AC Transit recently discontinued the 1R Rapid Bus line on Telegraph Avenue and International Blvd, and broke the 1 in half, into the 1 and the 6. This is a major degradation in service compared to the 1R.

This change didn't need to be made. There is an alternative, superior plan called the 1ABC.

The 1ABC would divide the old 1 route into 3 zones, A, B and C. A would be south of Lake Merritt BART. C would be north of 51st and Telegraph. And B would be in the middle between A and C.

There would be 1AB buses running through zones A and B, 1BC buses running through zones B and C, and 1AC express buses running through zones A and C but bypassing the bus stops and traffic of downtown Oakland by driving on the freeway.

Because the 1AB and 1BC buses would travel a much shorter route than the old 1, they would arrive much more often. And the 1AC would arrive much more often because it would skip the delays of downtown Oakland.

Riders from the A and C zones could reach all of downtown Oakland without transferring, and they could reach destinations on the far side of downtown Oakland without having to go through all the traffic and bus stops of downtown.

This is a much better change than simply breaking the old 1 into the new "1-half" and the 6. It might cut half an hour off trips between zones A and C, and the basic plan would work with existing infrastructure.

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