PROBLEMS WITH AC TRANSIT - Candidate Statement

  • Something is wrong at AC Transit District.

  • A Chief Financial Officer resigned after being charged with embezzlement.

  • A General Manager left AC Transit District and stopped making payments on the house the district helped buy, costing AC Transit District approximately $200,000.

  • Buses routinely show up very late or drive around nearly empty.

  • Popular Rapid Bus service on Telegraph and International has been discontinued.

  • The main bus line from San Leandro to Berkeley has been broken in half, riders must now endure a large delay when transfering and pay two fares.

  • AC Transit District greenwashed the Bus Rapid Transit project, and admitted to lying on their application to relocate bus stops.

    Is this what we want from our government?

    AC Transit District needs competent, honest leadership. If voters elect me, I will do everything I can to provide that leadership and true representation for the people who ride AC Transit District, pay taxes subsidizing AC Transit District, live or work near AC Transit District routes, and work for AC Transit District.

    As a resident of Ward 2, I fought AC Transit District's inappropriate behavior for years. As Director from Ward 2, I can help AC Transit District become rider-friendly, environment-friendly, pet-friendly and neighbor-friendly.

    See for details, or call me at 510-485-6044 with any issues you'd like to discuss.

    My campaign experiences

    On September 20th, I met with my opponent Greg Harper and East Bay Times reporter Daniel Borenstein to talk about AC Transit and the election.